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Young female soccer team in blue and pink uniform talking to young male umpire



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Founders included Norma Geribo

in the beginning

The origins of Russell Lea Women’s began with the Five Dock Club in about 1974. A group of women led by the club’s founders, including Norma Geribo (pictured), formed an all age ladies team.

The early days with the Five Dock club lasted until around the mid 1980’s when the women decided to go out on their own.

This gave them the chance to develop their own culture and promote women’s soccer away from the strong influence of the much bigger men’s club.

The Russell Lea Women’s Soccer Club was formed in 1986/7. It was at this time that the club’s founders became aware of the stronger women’s and girls’ soccer competition in the Gladesville-Hornsby District Football Association (which in time became North-West Sydney Women’s Soccer).

As the club was beginning afresh, it was accepted as a member of the burgeoning Gladesville-Hornsby Women’s competition. The club at this time saw the opportunity to grow and promote girls’ soccer as well.

By 1987, Russell Lea Women’s Soccer Club had four teams in Under 13’s, Under 15’s and All Ages.

The Club’s Colours and logo…

The fledgling Russell Lea Club needed to come up with a new strip and logo when it was founded. Discarding the old green and gold Five Dock colours, the new strip was white with navy trim and white shorts.


Soon, this was replaced with the reverse of navy blue strip with white trim and navy shorts. These traditional colours have been kept until today.


The logo (pictured) underwent an evolutionary change 2006 and saw the addition of pink to the club colours.  2020 brings version three of the Russell Lea Women’s Soccer Club logo.  The colours remain the same, but the layout, modernised.


2006 Logo

Russell Lea today…


Join the Inner West’s only

all-female football club

Following its move to the Canterbury District Soccer Football Association in 2006, the club has undergone a number of big changes. The most obvious being the requirement to find and manage a home ground. This was found at Queen Elizabeth Park, Concord. The efforts on the part of club officials, players and parents in making this new responsibility work was outstanding. We also recognise the important contribution our sponsors play and thank them for their contributions.

Nearly all of the other clubs in the NWSWS and CDSFA are a part of existing men’s clubs. This is a great distinction for Russell Lea. As can be seen from this brief history, the club’s genesis was in promoting football for women.

We have developed a set of values which expresses this difference at Russell Lea. We are also promoting the ‘beautiful game’ for women and girls in the district, centering our efforts on the wonderful facilities at Queen Elizabeth Park.


OUR mission is:


To provide a safe, supportive and fun environment for girls and women from the local area to enjoy soccer while improving their skills


To assist young girls and women to develop into strong, healthy, respected members of society


To promote and stimulate female youth development within the local area


To assist young girls and women from the local area to develop their characters, build self-confidence and develop their sense and value of sportsmanship and comradeship

The Committee


Mariam Fabia

Contact for:

Club questions, comments or concerns which don’t fit into the categories below


Ben Laws

Contact for:

Administrative matters


Jae Hwang

Contact for:

Anything financial


Vanessa Miller

Contact for:

Player/member welfare


Paul Mumford

Contact for:

All registrations

Frank Vidovic

Kim Ralley


Sandra Russo

Contact for:

Questions, queries & comments in regards to players/teams in WIL, All Ages and Over 35's


Frank Vidovic

Contact for:

Questions, queries & comments in regards to players/teams from Minitildas through to U16’s


Kat Wang & Sandra Russo

Contact for:

Forfeits or Reschedules


Jodie Finn

Contact for:

Anything coaching related


Kat Wang

Contact for:

Uniform questions, queries,comments


Mike Miller

Contact for:

Canteen and canteen duty questions


Send an email to the general address



President's Award

Awarded to a member of the club who has gone above and beyond to assist the President and wider club community.

2023 - Ben Laws

2022 - Sandra Russo

2020 - KT Wlodarczyk

2019 - Frank Vidovic

2018 - Danielle North

2017 - Matt Montgomery

2016 - Craig Kann

2015 - Giugni Family

2014 - KT Wlodarczyk

2013 - Ruby Blinkhorn

2012 - Helena Miller

2011- Robert Trainor

2010 - Jenny Hart

2009 - Leah Wilson

2008 - Richard Scandizzio

2007 - Kaiya Robertson

2006 - Jodie Wilson Fawkes

2005 - Conor & Ciara Rowntree

2004 - No recipent

2003 - Rebecca Ginty

2002 - Kathryn Griffiths

Life Members

2018 - Rosa Camelleri

Beryl Crockford Memorial Trophy

Awarded to a team or individual that embodies the values of Club Spirit, Integrity and fair play. It is presented as a memorial to Beryl Crockford a member of our over 30/2 team who lost her life tragically in a cycling accident.

2020 - AAW4A 'Pink Panthers'

In the face of numerous challenges and adversity both on and off the field, the newly formed Pink Panthers demonstrated positive sportsmanship and integrity.

2018 - Rosa Camelleri

Rosa volunteered to coach her daughter’s Under 10 team in 2018 and then thought she may as well play herself to gain more understanding and skills and to set a good example to her daughter and the girls she coached.

Cec Barlow Award (awarded by the CDSFA)

CDSFA Executive believes it is vital to recognise individuals who have provided consistent and invaluable service at Club and/or Association level over a number of years.

These contributions may be as coach, manager, trainer, administrator, official, president, secretary, competition secretary, treasurer, registrar, canteen manager, committee member, grounds person or a combination of these.

2023 - Frank Vidovic
2022 - KT Wlodarczyk
2018 - Jenny Hart

2017 - Chris Farrelly

2016 - Bob Chambers

2014 - Trevor Bell

2013 - Jodie Wilson

Life Members

To recognise the valuable contribution of individuals to the current and future existence of the Club. Individuals who have demonstrated significant, sustained and high-quality service enhancing the reputation and future of the overall Club.

Jodie Wilson

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